Import vouchers

Import Cost/revenue allocation (vouchers)


  • Economy system is master
  • Vouchers can only be posted to existing projects in Next. It is therefore important to make sure that the project is created before trying to post vouchers.

How it works

Which vouchers should be handled?

  • Most often not all series are relevant to post in Next. It is therefore recommended to only include series that are requested by the customer.
  • Also make sure that costs and revenue posts are handled correctly.
    • If revenue: set to revenuetransaction = true
    • If cost: set to revenuetransaction = false
  • If preliminary bookings are used for supplier invoices upon arrival it is important to decide whether the preliminary bookings should be posted to Next or not. If the decision is to post to Next, the logic should be according to below. Please note that all voucher rows marked as invoicable = false will get markup -100% and earned revenue = 0.00 in Next according to the built in logic in Next.
    • Preliminary booking: set to invoicable = false
    • Turning for preliminary booking: set to invoicable = false
    • Final booking: set to invoicable = true (if it should be included in customer invoices, otherwise false)
  • Recommended is to only import vouchers that has been booked against budgetary accounts (resultatkonton)

It is possible to attach PDF:s or URL:s to vouchers in Next. This is highly appreciated by the user since it will make it possible to preview and attach supplier invoices to the customer invoice. To be able to connect a PDF file to a voucher row, a voucher object needs to be created. This can be done according to below. Note: The voucher object is not needed in case there is no PDF available. All relevant information to create Booked costs in Next is available in the voucher row object.

  • Create a voucher using the POST/voucher/endpoint and add the picture to the voucher
  • In return you will get voucher id
  • Create voucher rows and associate them to the voucher using voucherid.
  • The picture will be available for all rows associated with the voucher in Next under Cost/revenue transactions.

If historical data should be available in Next it is important to decide which transactions should be imported and for what period. Also make sure to coordinate when this job should be run together with the assigned application consultant from Next.