Export Supplier invoices


Exporting supplier invoices from Next Project requires that the company uses Next e-Invoice as receiving system for supplier invoices. Additional requirements for the export process are:

  • Suppliers are synced
  • Supplier invoices are fetched from Next e-Invoice and booked in accounting system.

How it works

A filter should be used to determine which supplier invoices to export to the accounting system:

  • All supplier invoices will pass two approval steps before it is seen as approved. Filter should therefore be used to only fetch invoices with approval2 = true.
  • Only export Supplier invoices that have not already been exported. Only look for supplier invoices where externalno is not set.

For information on how the e-Invoice module works, consult the user documentation: https://helpdesk.next-tech.com/sv/collections/197705-e-invoice

The flow for supplier invoices is:

  1. Find supplier invoices to export
  2. The suppliers of the supplier invoices are exported from Next to the accounting system (created if new, and updated if already existing) https://next-tech.readme.io/docs/synchronizing-customers
  3. The projects on the supplier invoice accounting rows need to exist in the accounting system. Create the projects in the accounting system if necessary.
  4. The invoice and its related accounting rows are exported from Next e-Invoice to the accounting system to update the accounts receivable and the ledger
  5. Supplier invoice info is posted to Next e-Invoice according to below
    1. externalno = supplier invoice number in accounting system
    2. IntegrationMessage - for example “Successfully exported” or error message
    3. ExportedDate - date for export
  6. vouchers are imported from accounting system to Next to generate costs in projects (see separate scenario for vouchers)

Important fields


disablepayment: If true, the item should not be included in payment files generated by the accounting system.

Next e-Invoice supplier invoice with row level interpretation

Next e-Invoice offer the possibility of row level interpretation for electronic invoices. If row level interpretation is activated

Work order

Order rows will be created according to built in logic in Next and all rows will be set as Invoiceable = true and ExcludeCost = true. Since Exclude cost will be set to true, no cost will be generated in the project for the row. Instead the cost will be fetched from the supplier invoice. Price will be set according to built in rules for fetching price from price lists.

Cost/revenue allocation

When the voucher is posted to Next the cost will be available for follow up in the project.

Before setting up this flow it is important for the customer to decide how to work with the invoiceable flag. If you set invoiceable = true on both voucher rows and order rows and include both types on customer invoices, this will lead to doubled costs on the invoice. But note that not all invoices will be row level interpretaded since this is only supported for EDI invoices.